Change Is Upon Us

Last night’s events were inspiring from both sides of the aisle – from a gracious concession speech to the throngs of people assembled in Grant Park to the videos of long lines outside the voting halls. Democracy is a wonderful, humbling thing. It was also especially fitting that the last message of the night bound the campaigns of both candidates and took a collaborative step towards the future: It’s time to work together for change.

As that message and those images have stayed with me, and as I jumped back into a busy Wednesday, it all became especially poignant. The legal profession is braving new challenges every day. We are facing an uncertain economy. Many are neck-deep in changes right now, and many are bracing for hard times ahead. There’s an endless supply of tough decisions to make. Yet, I believe that in our profession -- if we can work together with an eye to what is really best for the client and/or the profession -- positive changes will occur.

So I’m especially eager to find new ways to help clients and the attorneys who work with our company. Let’s figure it out together, because there are multitudes of ways we can all have success, whether you’re a law firm partner trying to create new revenue streams or a GC trying to stop the revenue from streaming out the door. Problem solving is what we enjoy and strive to do -- it plays a central part of the process of change.