End of an Era?

One year short of 100. That's how long there has been a Powell Goldstein on Atlanta's legal landscape.

On January 1, 2009, however, PoGo will become Bryan Cave-Powell Goldstein. And then exactly one year later, Powell Goldstein will be dropped from the firm’s name. Gone forever.

It’s certainly a sign of the times. PoGo has a great name in the South and Bryan Cave is in expansion mode; we’ve certainly seen similarly reasoned deals throughout the country over the last few years. As the shape of the law firm market continues to change – whether it’s via merger, acquisition or collapse – more of these familiar (and often iconic) local and regional firms will cease to exist, at least in name. It will certainly take some getting used to.

I joined PoGo in 1989 after a four-year stint as Staff Counsel at the Supreme Court of the United States, and although I only spent six years of my 25+ year legal career there, my feelings for the place run deep. Some of my best and dearest friends are attorneys that shared with me that first that day in September of ’89. For more than seven years after my time with PoGo, the firm represented the software company where I was GC, and my associations at the firm certainly grew from that experience as well. I found my best mentors there.

Almost all of us have left the firm and moved on, but there is still something about those times that continues to bond us. When we get together there is always some talk of the firm and what’s been going on. I’m sure those conversations will continue after January 2009, but I can’t imagine calling the firm by its new name – it’ll always be PoGo to me.