So Much to Read, So Little Time ...

There is a lot going on in the legal industry these days.

And while much of the talk is about Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity at the moment, we all know that technological progress isn't limited to just one practice area.

We at Counsel On Call are certainly using the latest tech in pretty much everything we do, from due diligence to compliance work to contracts management. We're also really excited about some of the results we're seeing using TAR 2.0 tools (true computer learning with AI-type functionality) and the business intelligence these platforms are helping us deliver to our clients.

It's always important to keep up with the thoughts and stories in these areas. We're hosting our Client Advisory Board next week in Atlanta, and some of the topics we're tackling are represented in the articles below. We thought it would be helpful to share some of what we've been reading the last few months.

Legal Trends

Legal Services Model

Technology in Legal


Corporate Transactions/Contracts