The Innovative Disruption Will Not Be Televised

This guest post is by Eric Griffin, a director at Counsel On Call. Eric works closely with clients to design innovative and cost-effective legal solutions in a variety of verticals and practice areas.

Just over a week ago, Ryan McClead of
3 Geeks and a Law Blog penned a great conversation starter titled “The Myth of Disruptive Technology” in the legal industry. There, he analyzed the fabled competitive battle between the innovative, streaming video of Netflix and the plodding retail video store Blockbuster, and compared it to the situation in today’s legal industry. Although McClead questioned the applicability of the Netflix/Blockbuster paradigm to law practice, he implied that many traditional law firms may be in the same boat as Blockbuster: unable to adapt to a rapidly changing market environment without cannibalizing its core business.

Soon the interwebs were buzzing with arguments surrounding McClead’s implication. People questioned if we are actually living through the legal innovative disruption, or if law practice was even
capable of being disrupted. Does it need to be?

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